Curriculum Vitae

Apple, Inc.

June 2015 to the present.

Leadership roles in Engineering.

Currently supporting Swift Platform Experience in quality engineering and tooling efforts in the development of multiple high profile frameworks on Apple Platforms.

Previously, in Software delivery worked as a senior manager leading global SRE teams to support mission critical services in a follow-the-sun model. In Developer Publication worked in engineering and managerial roles for Swift Playgrounds content and official Apple developer documentation, microservice architecture design, and web application development.

Apple Park

Leysin American School in Switzerland

2014 through June 2015.

Director of IT · Academic Technology Administrator and Software Developer · Director of Robotics and Programming for LAS Educational Research

Employed by Leysin American School in Switzerland, a private boarding school of 150 employees and 350 students from over 60 countries. LAS was one of the first Swiss boarding schools to institute a one-to-one laptop program using Apple MacBook Pros and also issues each student the latest generation of iPhone.

Application Development Accomplishments

  • Developed a Classroom Observation Rails application used for real-time classroom monitoring of student and teacher interaction, including attachment of photos taken through mobile devices.
  • Developed a mobile ready phone directory using Sinatra to allow students and staff access to directory information within Open Directory. Caching was performed using memcache to limit requests to the directory service and vCards were leveraged to allow mass importing of contacts.
  • Developed a Ruby command-line utility, leveraging the Thor gem, to interact with a Sinatra web service to track IT assets (including laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, and projectors).
  • Coordinated the design of a standard boiler-plate theme for Rails applications using the PureCSS library.

System Administration Accomplishments

  • Modernized directory services, migrating user accounts, groups, and preferences from OpenDirectory OS X 10.6 Server to OS X 10.9.
  • Implemented the open-source version of Puppet to manage the system configuration of the fleet of 550 Apple laptops and desktops in use at LAS.
  • Implemented Munki to manage the software deployed to the fleet of Apple laptops and desktops.
  • Implemented EquitracExpress to monitor and manage the Ricoh MFP and Printers located throughout the campus.

Educational Research Accomplishments

  • Collaborated with the Head of Operations, Director of Research, and various department chairs on the establishment of the Leysin American School Educational Research group.
  • Coordinated the creation of Hack School: Coding Club and the renovation of classroom space into a modern technology resource center where students are learning to code and working with various robotics platforms.
  • Participated in various In-Classroom Technology studies to evaluate the effectiveness of available technologies, including interactive whiteboard, Apple iPads, and Samsung tablets.
  • Presented at international conferences on educational technology themes.
Leysin, Switzerland

Southern Illinois University

2003 to 2013.

IT Director · Assistant Manager of Information Technology · Webmaster

Civil service employment in IT management and Web Development including client support, package management, project management, software & web development, and employee supervision within the University Housing department. University Housing has approximately 850 employees and provides housing and meals for 4,000 students.

Web Development Accomplishments

  • Established agile business practices and a test driven development methodology with a team of 3-5 student web developers using online tools such as Teambox, Trello, Airbrake, and Github for issue and feature management.
  • Develop new web application using Ruby/Rails to streamline, enhance, and improve existing processes, including managing purchase reports, time tracking, ticket tracking, student requests, dining menus, prorate calculators, employee scheduling, timesheet management, room assignments and additional priority business processes.
  • Developed web applications used by approximately 4,000 students for housing applications, contracts, and support using Ruby/Rails.
  • Developed a gem for integrating SallieMae Electronic Payment Gateway for integration within contract and support portals and processing annually over $1,500,000 in contract pre-payments while maintaining PCI compliance.
  • Developed print, digital, and screencast training materials for staff and students related to web and desktop software.
  • Developed a gem for the StarRez Housing Management System REST Web Services API, Reporting API, and Account API for integration into student portal.
  • Leveraged RubyMotion to develop internal iOS applications

IT Management Accomplishments

  • Oversaw the growth of the IT department from a single file server into a robust, complex network of 17 production servers and 300+ networked workstations and devices, providing collaboration, database, web, centralize management, and proprietary business functions.
  • Implemented the use of Puppet to streamline the process to stand-up additional servers and services. Implemented Microsoft technologies according to best practices to provide system management, email communication, document sharing, software package management, and office support needs.
  • Managed an approximately $1,000,000 budget that included bandwidth for on-campus residence halls, closed circuit cable television, salaries & benefits, software, hardware, and training purchases.
  • Coordinated with other departments within the institution to see cost savings on computer purchase of approximately 18%, savings of approximately $20,000 the first year.
  • Implemented a robust internship programming providing students from several major programs access to IT administration and modern web development techniques.
Southern Illinois University

Public Speaking, Presentations, and Volunteerism

  • Rails Girls Geneva, Coach, Geneva, Switzerland - 10/14/17 - 10/15/17
  • “Putting Cool Technology in Student’s Hands”, Presenter, ECIS, Nice, France - 11/22/14
  • “Ruby and Sonic Pi”, Presenter, Geneva Ruby Brigade, Geneva, Switzerland - 11/12/14
  • HackSI, 12-hour hack-a-thon, Co-Founder & Organizer, Carbondale, IL - 11/2/13
  • “Getting Mobile”, Presenter, StarRez User Conference, Fort Worth, TX - 7/23/13
  • “Version Control Will Save Your Life”, Presenter, SIU TechDawgs RSO, Carbondale, IL 2/20/13
  • “Leveraging REST Web Services”, Presenter, StarRez User Conference, San Diego, CA 7/19/12
  • “StarRez on Rails”, Presenter, StarRez User Conference, Memphis, TN 7/18/11
  • “Rapid Application Development with Rails”, Presenter, DotDAWG student organization meeting, Carbondale, IL 09/18/10
  • “The CSS Box Model” MCMA-396, Guest Lecturer, Web Publishing, Carbondale, IL 10/22/09
  • “Designing Websites with CSS”, Presenter, SIU Web Dev Conference, Carbondale, IL 8/10/09
  • “Before you Ride the Rails”, Poster Presenter, HighEdWebDev, Rochester, NY 10/22/06
  • “Before you Ride the Rails”, Presenter, SIWebDev Association, Carbondale, IL 4/5/06
  • “Understanding AJAX”, Presenter, SIWebDev Association, Carbondale, IL 9/7/05
  • “What’s New in PHP”, Presenter, ACM, Carbondale, IL 9/9/03